Case Study
A Complete Solution

See how one carrier incorporated ORDP into their growth strategy by harnessing our complete coverage solution to boost retention, reduce administrative burden, and decrease risk to their business



Estimated total annual savings for a fleet of 300

Helping carriers grow their fleets is what we do. Reclaim your time with ORDP’s turnkey resolution to CSA Protection and Benefits.


“The results were immediate. I have my time back and my fleet runs smoothly. With the help of our Personal Fleet Assistant, we’re working on ways to lower our company’s CSA, I really appreciate the relationship we have [with ORDP] and the way they take care of our drivers.”


Success Rate

That’s an unprecedented success rate in dismissing or reducing CDL tickets for drivers.

With over 30 years in the trucking industry, we’re doing something right.


Client Citations Challenged

If it’s covered in our policy, we’ll take it to court. No exceptions.

Rest easy, ORDP has your back.

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Your Personal Fleet Assistant provides customized reporting and data to help you run your business more efficiently