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We started in the Heartland and grew from there, picking some friends up along the way. Now our reach extends across the greater US and Canada, but we still call Kansas home.

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CSA Scores and Truckers: What You Need to Know

CSA Scores and Truckers: What You Need to Know

There is a myriad of obstacles facing truckers on the road, and a chief complaint among them is the dizzying rules and regulations that come along with receiving tickets on the road. So, we’re here to set the record straight and lay down some facts surrounding CSA...

Your Road Check 2021 Checklist

Your Road Check 2021 Checklist

Set for May 4-6, the 72-hour inspection event will focus on lighting and hours of service compliance. Here's what truck drivers and fleet managers can do now to plan ahead. The results of the 2020 International Roadcheck showed that HOS was the top driver...