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Getting a CDL speeding ticket is hard on the wallet and can put any driver’s license in jeopardy. But for a CDL Driver, having any CDL speeding tickets can mean their entire career.

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CDL Speeding Ticket

CDL Speeding Ticket 15 Over

Everyone knows getting CDL speeding tickets is a bad day. But, getting a CDL speeding ticket 15 over the posted speed limit can be considered a serious violation. A first-time violation of this nature usually means suspension and, of course, fines.

For a second violation within 3 years, there’s a 60-day suspension. For 3 or more CDL speeding tickets 15 over in 3 years, you are sitting it out for 120 days!

It’s always best to simply follow the posted speed limit signs, but with income risks like that, having someone in your corner if you do push the limit is imperative. 

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CDL Tickets

CDL Tickets Impact on Fleets

As a fleet carrier, you probably have a lot of CDL truck drivers on the road. If they are faced with CDL truck driver speeding tickets, understanding how CDL tickets work can mean all the difference between profits and losses.

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CDL Tickets
CDL Ticket Dismissal

CDL Ticket Dismissal

Aside from adhering to speed limits, obeying traffic signs, and driving safely, the words “CDL Ticket Dismissal” are the ultimate goal.

With the higher standards expected of CDL truck drivers, it’s hard to get a truck driver speeding ticket dismissed. Hard, but not impossible.

A CDL ticket dismissal happens for reasons such as there not being enough evidence, or the ticketing officer doesn’t attend the hearing. In some states, taking a defensive driving course may serve the penalty and the magic words “CDL ticket dismissal” is heard.

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An experienced CDL attorney will cover every option to protect a CDL trucker score. If you are faced with any truck driver speeding ticket, they are your advocate in retaining a good driving record.

They provide services that benefit trucking companies nationwide as well as individual trucker benefits. By protecting your PSP score, we can get you back where you belong – on the road.