CDL Legal Protection for Truckers + Carriers

Don’t pay that ticket! Let our network of ORDP legal experts fight for you so you can focus on what’s most important, staying on the road.

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Why choose Open Road Driver’s Plan?

We can handle your CDL tickets so you can get back on the Open Road


With over 30 years experience, we are known as a trusted industry leader protecting drivers and fleets from the pitfalls of CDL tickets and much more.

Success Rate

Our network of legal professionals have a 92% success rate in dismissing or reducing CDL speeding tickets

Speed of Resolution

We will find you an attorney within hours, not days, unlike other driver legal plans on the market.

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How does our CDL ticket protection work?

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The sooner we get the information, the sooner we can work towards a resolution.

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A CDL Attorney Represents You

There is no court date for you to attend. You can stay on the road while we work to reduce your CDL points and towards a CDL ticket dismissal.

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Drive Covered!

Relax, with the ORDP CDL driver protection plan, your CDL legal services fees and your CSA points are covered!

How much does CDL ticket insurance cost?

Select a plan that works best for you

See how CDL Legal Protection is built for for over the road Carriers & Fleets

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Coast-to Coast Coverage

Get 100% major toll roads coverage all under one account, giving you one toll bill.

Customized Toll Solutions

A customized transponder plan for your fleet that includes deployment, assignment, and tracking.

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Access fleet toll charges by vehicle to better understand your bill.