In this age of Covid, the transportation industry is all in on digital transformation like never before. Increased freight and logistics hurdles has the trucking industry operating in overdrive. Carriers are experiencing resource constraints and the adoption of digital solutions is at an all-time high.  

 It’s no secret that truckers aren’t known for being digital enthusiasts. The 2017 EDL mandate, MAP-21, has been a sore subject in the industry since 2012. Despite those feelings of unease, carriers can’t put off digital transformation any longer. 

As more carriers tackle digital adoption, automated processes are becoming a primary driver of productivity—and the foundation for stable supply chains. By minimizing manual processes outside of your core competencies, companies are free to move more efficiently and agilely to meet customer demands. Integrating digital solutions makes your value chain more efficient and effective. It causes a trickledown effect that reaches your customer, and can even positively impact driver retention.  

 In fact, one ORDP fleet estimated savings of $1,071,800 in lost time, supply chain disruption, and attorney fees, by partnering with ORDP for CSA protection and driver benefits. Fleet managers are often plagued by mountains of regulatory paperwork and processes, leaving them unable to perform those aspects of their job that move the fleet forward.  

 ORDP now handles carrier CSA protection and provides the insights and reporting needed for them to make well-informed decisions. Timely, accurate data about your fleet means a clear understanding of your level of risk. And with the help of a personal fleet manager, you can create a strategy to reduce CSA risk across your organization.  

Bundling a curated benefits program to meet the needs of CDL drivers is a holistic approach to providing protection for your fleet. Meaning your dollar stretches further, and your drivers stay longer. 

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