Truck drivers live inside a truck cabin most of their careers. Truck driver gifts are difficult for many people since drivers can only use small, portable appliances, don’t have a lot of room for clothing, and often have to stop and purchase items people often take for granted around the house. It’s a lifestyle not for the faint of heart since the truck cab is where they sleep, eat, live, and work.

Thinking about how a truck driver lives and works can help gift-givers as they explore options. How can truckers cook meals? What helps them relax? Are there games or books they like to help pass the time? Do they complain about certain things when they are driving? Is there something out there that can resolve the complaint? These are some questions to think about when finding the perfect gift.

To help make their home away from home a little easier, here are the top 5 truck driver gifts for 2022.

Truck Driver Gifts Quick List

1. Seat Cushions

2. Portable Fridges

3. Seat Organizers

4. Portable Cookers

5. Driver Protection Plan

Read on to learn more about the amazing variety of truck driver gifts available!

1. Comfortable Orthopedic Seat Cushion

Sitting for 11 hours straight can lead to major health concerns. Truck drivers are at risk for things like back pain, obesity, diabetes, blood clots, and high blood pressure. Help avoid these problems by purchasing a seat cushion that will help even weight distribution, has some air circulation, and will fit the truck seat.

After all, health is one of the best truck driver gifts around. Here are the top 5 truck driver gifts in seat cushions according to Trucker Geek.

    1. Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Seat
      • Washable cover
      • Gel-infused and easily curves to the body
      • Cool ventilation and lumbar support


    2. Xtreme Comforts Large Seat Cushion
      • Larger in size
      • Non-Skid
      • Washable Cover


    3. Xtreme Comfort Coccyx Orthopedic Cushion
      • Posture and lumbar support
      • Dense memory foam
      • Large-weight capacity


    4. ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion
      • Gel memory foam
      • Orthopedic design and support for many health issues
      • Weight distribution


    5. Aylio Coccyx Orthopedic Foam Seat
      • Contoured design
      • Tailbone and sciatic nerve support
      • Memory foam
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2. Portable Refrigerator/Cooler

Truck stops are a must for any driver to pick up some drinks and snacks like cold cuts, fruit, and veggies. But items like that are supposed to be kept cold and can quickly become gross and unsafe. That’s why a portable fridge is one of the top 5 best gifts for truck drivers.

Here are the top 5 truck driver gifts in portable refrigerators, according to Trucker Geek.

  1. Dometic CFX28
    • USB port included
    • WiFi connectivity
    • Freezer combo


  2. ARB 10810602
    • Stainless steel and quiet
    • Freezer combo
    • Lid holds itself up


  3. Alpicool C20
    • Battery protection
    • Works with solar
    • Freezer or refrigerator


  4. Norcold NRF30
    • Alert for insulation issues
    • Separate compartments
    • Voltage protection


  5. SMETA Mini Fridge
    • Adjustable shelves
    • Locking door
    • Works on AC and DC


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3. Seat-Mounted Organizer

As a long-haul driver, you live your life on the road. So your life has to live in your truck. You need everything from a document station to a cleaning system and even an emergency porta-potty device.

To help keep your cab orderly, here are some of the top organization systems for truck driver gifts.

  1. AutoExec FileMaster Desk
    • Non-skid desktop
    • Driver-facing file storage
    • Storage compartments


  2. CPROSP Foldable Desk
    • Attaches to the steering wheel or headrest
    • Adjustable height and angles
    • Drink holder and a separate compartment


  3. Tidify Seat Organizer
    • Held by headrest
    • Multiple compartments
    • Cup holders


  4. Coli Alma Weighted Garbage Can
    • Anti-slip, heavy-duty arms to hold can in place
    • Works on mats and over vehicle hump if needed
    • Flexible, but sturdy and used with grocery bag liners


  5. Farasla All-in-One Trash Can
    • Leakproof interior liners
    • Adjustable tissue or wipe holder
    • Mesh side pockets


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4. Portable Slow Cooking Oven

We discussed a truck stop as being a must-stop for those that drive long haul and need to grab necessities like fuel, a drink, and a quick bite. But for meals, there usually aren’t many healthy options since most stops have fast-food restaurants nearby or a diner or two. To enjoy a more healthy meal, drivers have to break out their wallets. Unless they can cook their own food, which makes a portable cooking option one of the best in truck driver gifts.

Luckily, there are a lot of devices that operate on a 12-volt and if you have an inverter, the options are endless. Here are the top 5 truck driver gifts in cooking devices based on their ratings, convenience, and reviews.

  1. RoadPro Warming Oven
    • Uses small rectangular aluminum pans
    • Cooks and warms food up to 300 degrees
    • 12-volt power


  2. Real Nature Electric Slow Cooker
    • Can cook raw and frozen food
    • Safe for various materials
    • Exterior pockets


  3. RoadPro Frying Pan
    • 8-inch non-stick pan
    • Cool-touch handle
    • Non-slip stand


  4. George Foreman Grill and Pannini Press
    • Removable grill plates for easier cleaning
    • Features space for 4 servings or multiple items
    • Non-stick surface


  5. RoadPro Roaster Oven
    • Fits 6 x 9 glass or aluminum baking pan
    • 12-volt power port
    • Boil water, soup, etc.


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5. Driver’s Protection Plan

Making their long-haul life easier is crucial to a truck driver’s overall health and well-being. The stress of being on the road, time away from their families, and constant upkeep and documentation of their rig can be taxing. The last thing drivers need is to get pulled over or cited for a vehicle inspection.

If a driver gets a ticket, it can put their fleet carrier and their license at risk. That’s why purchasing an Open Road Driver’s Plan is the perfect truck driver gift for them and their families. ORDP helps protect you and your spouse from a variety of factors and offers multiple benefits. ORDP can also protect your PSP and CSA scores by fighting your ticket and getting you back on the road.

Here are the top 5 benefits of this exclusive option in truck driver gifts brought to you by ORDP.

  1. Benefits for truckers
    • Vision and dental savings
    • Medical prescriptions discounts
    • Insurance plan options


  2. Reward incentives
    • Stolen vehicle
    • Hit and run
    • Theft of personal property


  3. Legal representation
    • Assigned a local attorney
    • Bonding services
    • Continue driving


  4. Special discounts
    • Car rentals
    • Hotel stays
    • Reimbursement options


  5. Other benefits
    • Identity theft protection
    • Safe driver rewards
    • Fuel car discount

No matter what truck driver gift you choose, your driver will appreciate your efforts in helping them feel comfortable, safe, and entertained. To help plan for gift-giving, start searching now and listen for clues when the driver in your life suggests things that would be nice to have, complaints about troubles on the road, or lack of things they need.

Truckers can often feel disconnected from their loved ones and it can lead to depressing feelings. Personal touches, like family pictures on magnets or key chains, hand-written notes and drawings from family, and other small personalized items, can mean the most for truck driver gifts as it helps them feel a little more connected to their loved ones and engaged during long trips.

There are many other options to consider when buying truck driver gifts. Other ideas include compression socks, hand-held vacuums, a 12-volt coffee maker, powerful inverters, driving gloves, an all-in-one tool like the Leatherman, safety gear, first aid kits, mattresses, and more.

Our Pick for the Best in Truck Driver Gifts

The best truck driver gift is the one that protects everyone. That’s why we choose the ORDP Driver’s Protection Plan as the best truck driver gift for drivers nationwide. It not only protects the driver and carrier, but it protects the driver’s family and offers exclusive benefits, all at an affordable price. Knowing they protect their family even when they’re not near means they have one less thing to worry about on the road, and that can make a tremendous difference in their truck driving life.

ORDP has over 30 years helping CDL drivers and their families. Truck driver’s gifts to us include food, merchandise, material, clothing, and so much more. They are a vital part of the economy and with our 92% success rate in CDL ticket dismissal and reduction, we can keep them running. In our opinion, the best in truck driver gifts is the one that can bring them peace of mind.