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Open Road Drivers Plan® gives you a trucker’s edge on your CDL requirements by protecting your CSA score from hikes due to tickets or citations out on the open road.

Save TONS on hotel stays, car rentals, Aetna insurance plans, and more!
Benefits extend to you AND the entire family. Spouse ticket coverage and lots of discounts
We find you an attorney in hours, not days, unlike other drivers legal plans on the market.
Should your truck or personal vehicle be stolen we’ll offer a $1,000 reward for information.

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Relax, as a member, your legal fees and your CSA points are covered by ORDP!

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CDL Legal Protection

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Open Road Drivers Plan®: Carrier’s Preferred  CSA Protection Plan
Highlights the Attorney CDL Driver relationship

Find out how ORDP’s nationwide network of CDL defense attorneys are working to reduce Carrier CSA impacts and compliance issues

Reduce Driver Churn

Pass ORDP’s CDL Driver Benefits Program along to your entire fleet. ORDP provides an attorney for CDL Drivers to defend against driver tickets and citations.

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Reduce Fleet Safety Risk + Compliance Risk


ORDP reduces CDL violation points, minimizing impact to your business, and your CSA score.

With DataQ Checks, a nationwide network of CDL defense attorneys, and a dedicated partner that understands the CDL point system.

Meet Your Personal Fleet Assistant

Call on us for your personalized  CDL ticket defense. Your Fleet Assistant is just a call away.

Paired with our safety and compliance initiatives, you have a partner for all the roads ahead. Rely on the company changing the game when it comes to CDL protection.

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Why bundling digital solutions is propelling carriers forward

Why bundling digital solutions is propelling carriers forward

In this age of Covid, the transportation industry is all in on digital transformation like never before. Increased freight and logistics hurdles has the trucking industry operating in overdrive. Carriers are experiencing resource constraints and the adoption of digital solutions is at an all-time high.  

The FMCSA is making it more difficult to dismiss CDL tickets

The FMCSA is making it more difficult to dismiss CDL tickets

hese so-called anti-masking regulations are intended to crack down on judgements that “mask” serious violations, such as DUIs, thus keeping dangerous drivers on the road.

Courts are interpreting the new FMCSA guidance in different ways, and inexperienced attorneys unfamiliar with CDL infractions may face roadblocks when it comes to keeping tickets from impacting your CSA score –and your livelihood.

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