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ORDP’s CDL Driver Protection Legal service finds attorneys for CDL drivers nationwide. 

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ORDP: More than just a CDL Legal Plan

The Open Road Drivers Plan® gives you a trucker’s edge on CDL requirements by protecting your CSA score from hikes due to a CDL truck driver speeding tickets over the road. We can also help you with your PSP score.

The Open Road Drivers Plan® not only gives truckers benefits, but many of those benefits also extend to the entire family. Your spouse receives driver protection benefits like ticket coverage and lots of discounts.

When you sign up for ORDP, we find you a CDL attorney in hours, not days, unlike other CDL driver protection legal services. With our program, you are covered even if you have a CDL speeding ticket 15 over. These are just a few of the gifts for truckers you will receive when you sign up with ORDP.

Benefits of Your ORDP Membership

Save TONS on hotel stays, car rentals, Aetna insurance plans, and more!
Benefits extend to you AND the entire family. Spouse ticket coverage and lots of discounts
We find you an attorney in hours, not days, unlike other drivers legal plans on the market.
Should your truck or personal vehicle be stolen we’ll offer a $1,000 reward for information.

How the Open Road Drivers Plan® CDL Legal Driver Protection Works


Call, Email or Fill out our Online Form

Fill this out as soon as you get a ticket. The sooner we get the information, the sooner we can work towards a resolution.


A CDL Attorney Represents You

There is no court date for you to attend. You can stay on the road worry free while we work to reduce your CDL points and toward a CDL ticket dismissal


Drive Covered

Relax, with the ORDP CDL driver protection plan, your CDL legal services fees and your CSA points are covered!

CDL Driver Protection Your Way

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CDL Legal Protection built for over the road Carriers + Fleets

Open Road Drivers Plan®: Carrier’s Preferred CSA Protection Plan
Highlights the Attorney CDL Driver relationship

CDL Attorney’s and the CDL Driver relationship

Find out how ORDP’s nationwide network of CDL defense attorneys are working to reduce Carrier CSA impacts and compliance issues. Work these into your CDL business plan for the ultimate success strategy.

Reduce Driver Churn

Pass along information about ORDP’s CDL Driver Benefits Program and cover your entire fleet. ORDP provides an attorney to help protect your driver’s CDL trucker score and defend them against CDL tickets and citations. They will work diligently towards a CDL ticket dismissal.

pro driver reviews CSA protection plan and signs up for CDL ticket defense program
cdl driver with pet

Reduce Fleet Safety Risk + Compliance Risk

ORDP reduces CDL speeding ticket violation points, minimizes impact to your business, and protects your CSA and PSP score.

What is a bad PSP score?

In partnership with DataQ Checks, we understand the CDL point system. That’s why we offer a nationwide network of CDL defense attorneys ready to protect you and your drivers.


Bestpass Toll Management Makes Your Life Easier

BestPass Logo with Transparent Background

Partner with Bestpass for hassle-free toll management and a consolidated invoice for all tolls. Bestpass offers an online toll management portal with advanced analytics to help you improve fleet operations while managing your tolling costs.


Coast-to-Coast Coverage

Get 100% major toll roads coverage all under one account, giving you one toll bill.


Customized Toll Solution

A customized transponder plan for your fleet that includes deployment, assignment, and tracking.


Online Reporting

Access fleet toll charges by vehicle to better understand your bill.

Welcome to ORDP Coast to Coast

For truckers, keeping up to date and informed on the trucking industry is imperative to your safety and successful transport. Get your Open Road drivers plan review so you can get on the road worry free.

Why bundling digital solutions is propelling carriers forward

Why bundling digital solutions is propelling carriers forward

In this age of Covid, the transportation industry is all in on digital transformation like never before. Increased freight and logistics hurdles has the trucking industry operating in overdrive. Carriers are experiencing resource constraints and the adoption of digital solutions is at an all-time high.  

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