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Our Legal Network Receives Clients in their Inbox. You click “accept”. The case is yours.

Join our Legal Network:

We match attorneys in our legal network with CDL Drivers who have received a ticket.

Step 1: Become a member of ORDP

Step 2: Receive alerts of cases in your area

Step 3: Take the case – that’s it!

ORDP’s management system sends you clients, organizes your workflow, and pays you after each case!

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ORDP’s network platform and Attorney Management System can revolutionize the way you grow your practice.

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Legal Network

Membership to our Standard Attorney Network

Cases in your area

Access to cases in your area 2 hours after Premium Attorneys

Legal Management Software

Use of the attorney portal to manage your workflow



Legal Network

Membership to our Premium Attorney Network


Receive case alerts 2 hours before the standard attorney network

Legal Management Framework

Manage your workflow & client communication and view historical data


Receive alerts and reminders for tasks and court dates



Success Rate

With a 92% success rate in dismissing or reducing tickets, our attorney platform is gaining the attention of CDL Drivers nationwide. Join a network of lawyers who represent over 13,000+ drivers in court.

The network model that pays to join

A membership that works for you.

+ Connect with over 13,000 CDL clients needing representation nationwide

+ Our Attorney Management Software manages your workflow

+ ORDP pays its network over $100,000 per month for cases covered

ORDP is more than a Legal Network.

It means access to our Legal Management Software and 24/7 customer support.

Streamline your workflow from client acquisition all the way to invoicing. From push notifications alerting you to clients in your area seeking representation, to daily alerts and to-do’s. Review historical data and client documents in your portal.

We’re one of the only legal management software to send you clients. Ready to learn more?


When a trucker needs an attorney for CDL drivers, they call ORDP. Join our nationwide network of attorneys taking the hassle out of client acquisition.