Trucking Heroes: Jared Pointdexter

Jared Pointdexter isn’t just a Truck Driver. He’s an industry veteran that turned his passion into a new opportunity to serve the people of the industry  he loved most.

Jared knew at an early age that he wanted to be involved in trucking, and calls it his safe haven. “The trucking industry became my accountability partner. I had deadlines and goals and people that needed my help. It rescued me in a sense. That’s how we started Truckers Run the Nation.”

Jared turned that passion into a rallying call for the entire industry. And in the process built a business, Truckers Run the Nation, that seeks to highlight the importance of trucking. Right now they have an apparel line that features hats, shirts, belt buckles, but assured us it doesn’t stop there! They have exciting plans for the future and are always exploring opportunities to better support the people of trucking.

His favorite thing about life over the road was meeting new people every single day. His mission was to never eat dinner alone, looking to connect with other CDL Drivers or taking it as an opportunity to take the homeless he might meet to join him for a hot meal.

If you happen to run into Jared on a haul, be sure to invite him to dinner. You’re in for some good stories and some great company.

To learn more about Truckers Run the Nation, visit their website: