Have a loved one in the commercial transportation industry? Looking for perfect gift for the trucker in your life? Our previous care package suggestions were so popular on the blog, we thought we’d round up some of the best gift ideas for you to give your favorite road warrior.  

  1. Hanging toiletry bag – Our favorite has plenty of space to organize toiletries and can clasp over the back of your seat – that’s dual function!  
  2. Comfy seat cushion – A day spent hauling freight over-the-road can do a number on your back. That’s why we love these comfy seat cushion, they’ll be thanking you every time they take a seat.  
  3. Roll up memory foam mattress  Comfort is king, especially out on the road. That’s why we love this roll up memory foam mattress. Roll it out over your bed for an extra layer of cushion, and roll it up and stow it when you’re ready to go. 
  4. Snack basket – Non-perishable (and mostly healthy) snacks are ALWAYS appreciated. Need some suggestions on gifts for truckers? Here are a few of our favorites: Trail mix, jerky, emergen-C, aspirin, bleach wipes, truck stop gift cards, gum, chips, hand sanitizer, glasses wipes, crosswords, Soduko puzzles, sunflower seeds and cookies.  
  5. Lockbox  Keep those over-the-road essentials stowed away until you need them with a travel safe. Store important documents, even firearms, out of harms reach. Perfect for life out on the road.  
  6. First Aid Kit – Accidents happen, make sure your professional driver is ready for them when they do. A first aid kit is a necessity in any truck cab.  
  7. Gerber Diesel Multitool  With all this tool can do, there’s no shortage of it’s usefulness on the road.  
  8. Bluetooth Earbuds –Help combat unsafe driving. Hands-free calling is paramount to highway safety. Your CDL driver will thank you for helping reduce their CSA risk.  
  9. McDonalds and Starbucks Gift Cards – These are perfect for the day your trucker needs a little pick-me-up. Pick up a spare gift card and pass it along to the next long-hauler you see. They’ll be sure to thank you for the caffeine boost. 
  10. Electric Blanket – The job can keep them on the road for long stretches at a time. Keep your trucker warm and cozy under an electric blanket on those multi week-long hauls.  
  11. Personalized Mud Flaps – We bet this one isn’t much of a surprise, any trucker would love their own personalized mud flaps.  
  12. Audiobook Subscription Service – If there’s one thing a commercial driver has plenty of, it’s time. Share your favorite book or podcast through a subscription service for a unique gift that will keep on giving!  
  13. Power Inverter or USB converter – No one’s cab has all the right dongles and cords. Ensure your trucker can stay connected with this USB converter.  
  14. Slow Cooker – Help your trucker make healthy choices by gifting them a slow cooker for creating their own meals on the go! Our favorite has two compartments so that you can prepare two meals for 1-2 people each day! 
  15. Thermos – Keep hot coffee HOT with a classic Stanley thermos, and you’ll guarantee to keep them going until the sun comes up. There’s nothing tougher than a CDL Driver 
  16. Yeti Coffee Tumbler – Keeping coffee hot is an important job, and this mug is up to the challenge. We picked this Yeti Coffee Tumbler because it’s been trucker tested, and trucker approved. 
  17. Scrubba Wash Bag – Being able to do your laundry on the road is a game changer. Trust us, this easily stowable washbag can get clothes WAY cleaner than the sink at the truck stop.  
  18. Moisture Wicking Towels – Toss ‘em a towel! These moisture wicking towels can clean up heavy-duty messes that happen on the road. Keep your commercial driver clean and happy with this gift!  
  19. Buy them a CDL Protection Plan CDL ticket points could take a trucker off the road, lead to higher insurance rates, and ruin their ability to get work in the future. For extra protection, choose a commercial drivers legal plan with nationwide CDL attorney coverage AND benefits specifically for truckers and their families. One final tip! Consider a company’s record in court, and tenure of the business.   

 Our truckers play a vital role in our economy, so let’s take good care of them while on – and off – the road. Remember that modern society would be impossible without an interstate trucker. Let’s use every day to celebrate and care for our CDL Drivers. 

ORDP has been providing the industry’s best CDL protection for over 30 years, with a win rate of 92%, so we know a thing or two. If you’d like to learn more about how a CDL protection plan provides additional security on the road, call 1-800-977-3977 we’re happy to help!