One Driver’s Secret to a Squeaky Clean CSA

You only get one chance at a first impression. The problem is, when CDL drivers and law enforcement meet, first impressions come at around 70MPH. Aside from safe driving practices, there’s one thing over the road truckers can do to decrease the likelihood of citations on the road, and it might surprise you.

ORDP recently caught up with Shawn Daughtery, ORDP National Account Manager and former driver for Nestle, who shared his tips for reducing ticket risk and maintaining a clean CSA record.

“The biggest thing you can do as a CDL driver is maintain your rig,” says Daughtery.

There’s plenty of evidence to back up this claim. Clean trucks get pulled over less often and their drivers are perceived as lower risk, lessening the likelihood of racking up citations at any given stop. It’s advice that our CDL attorneys advise to their drivers on ORDP’s CDL Legal Plan.

A clean fleet can offer even more benefits for carriers. As a business owner, your image matters. Your trucks have your name front and center, for four-wheelers and county mounties, alike. Are you currently worried about driver recruitment and retention? (Trust us, this is something we hear all the time). A clean truck creates pride, improves a driver’s mood, and makes it easier for drivers to do their jobs.

Get a jump-start on spring cleaning your rig with these simple tips:

  1. Organize your cleaning and maintenance products in a milk crate to keep them in one easy to reach spot for tune ups and rest stops.
  2. Keep your air fresh and clean using an air purifier. We like this one found on Amazon.
  3. Replace the cabin air filter regularly, especially if you share your cabin with a pet.
  4. A clean dashboard makes your rig appear and feel more organized. It’s one helpful way to keep your workspace separate from your living space
  5. Wax chrome to extend its life and protect it from the elements. Wipe on and wipe off; it’s that easy!
  6. Wash your windows, on the inside and out. A newspaper and window cleaner can be used most of the time, but if you have tinting, you might consider a soft cloth instead.
  7. Vacuum regularly to remove dust and crumbs. Don’t forget to shake out your floor mats. Some drivers even install a blower nozzle on their seat air line. Interested in this hack? Take a look here. Looking for a reliable small vacuum? We like this wet/dry vac found here.
  8. Rethink your cleaning supplies. A toothbrush is great for dirt that has embedded itself in the texture of your vinyl and a foam brush is great for the nooks and crannies of air vents. Need to get rid of animal hair from your upholstery? A spray bottle full of water and a squeegee does the trick!

A clean rig has many benefits, and with Road Check 2019 June 4-6, it’s a great way to reduce the risk of citation. Do you have any tips or tricks for cleaning your truck? Share them on our Facebook page, here.