The life of an OTR Trucker can change from haul to haul and state to state. One thing is certain: no matter where you travel, a speeding ticket will affect your CSA score. With all of the time you spencrisscrossing the country, understanding CDL speeding ticket laws can mean the difference between a clean and suspended CDL.  

Since tickets and citations can sideline a trucker’s career, ORDP advises drivers to hire an attorney every time they receive a ticket to minimize damage to their CSA scores. Wading through internet ads to find a lawyer in the state you were cited can be risky. Take advantage of ORDP to match you with a qualified attorney with experience in fighting tickets for CDL drivers 

Already have a ticket?  Let ORDP connect you with a qualified attorney in the area you got a ticket, here. Hiring a local – qualified – attorney helps keep you on the road and out of the courtroom. A trucking attorney will be mindful of your CSA score and counsel you on how to best plea to reduce the effect on your CSA. Don’t have a ticket, but still interested in learning more about ORDP’s CDL driver protection? Learn more here.

Here are some tips to keep in mind the next time you get a speeding ticket on the road 

There’s no better policy than following posted speed limits and obeying traffic laws at all times. You may feel pressured to speed to meet challenging arrival times, especially if setbacks outside of your control and seasonal road conditions have impacted your drive. Remember, not following speed limits could mean losing your CDL.  

  • Don’t forget, the rules still apply when driving your own car or truck. Getting a speeding ticket in your personal vehicle affects your CSA score. This is one tip that younger truckers often neglect, and it can have nasty effects on your CDL.  
  • Depending on the state, a ticket might cost you more than you expect. In some states, CDL holders face 1.5 times the points for a speeding ticket than a typical fourwheeler 
  • Once a ticket turns into points on your CSA, there’s very little you can do as a CDL driver to reverse them. In most states, truckers are unable to attend traffic school in lieu of points. ORDP does offer free DataQ Challenges for their drivers, which have the potential to be effective, if done early.  
  • Your tickets can compound in severity. If speeding is a recurring problem for you, you’re at serious risk of losing your CDL. If you have existing citations on your record, any future tickets could cost you your license. 
  • In some states, driving just 15 MPH over the speed limit can be charged as a misdemeanor. That could sideline your CDL career.  

Don’t forget, a speeding ticket is never just a speeding ticket for a CDL driver. Besides requiring time in traffic court, speeding tickets can affect your employment and insurance. Trucking companies care A LOT about your speeding history, and most will not hire you if you have too many citations or have lost your CDL license at any time.  

Knowing the rules goes a long way in protecting your CSA Score. Looking for additional backup? ORDP’s CDL attorney network is experienced in protecting CSA scores and challenging CDL tickets to keep you on the open road. Join up with the powerful plan today.