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With a 92% success rate in dismissing or reducing citations, our attorney network is gaining national attention. Become a part of our nation-wide attorney network and support our 13,000+ drivers in the event of a citation.

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When truckers need an attorney for CDL drivers, they turn to ORDP.

72% of clients hire the FIRST attorney they speak with. ORDP gives you that competitive advantage, and more.

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Get Paid in Full, Faster.

ORDP is the only legal solutions software that serves you cases in your area, directly. After each case, we pay you, ourselves. No more time lost tracking down payment from clients. Direct and simple, track your revenue from past cases, and those in progress.

Reduce Time Lost on Administrative Tasks.

Between tracking down clients, passing documents back and forth, sending updates, filing documents, and sending and tracking invoices, that’s a lot of time lost each month. Get it back with ORDP’s all-in-one attorney software that streamlines your workflow from start to finish.

Client Communication, Built In.

We know that countless cases and papers cross your desk each day. We’ve made it easier than ever to contact your clients and receive all your documents in one place. “To Do” notifications remind you of your next step, and notifications alert you to files, emails, and ticket updates in your feed.