A leading fuel card solutions company and CSA Protection Plan are joining forces to provide a new level of service to fleets and carriers nationwide. 

Overland Park, KS, September 29, 2021 – With a keen focus on the needs of CDL drivers nationwide and in an interest to provide even more value to their customers in the trucking industry, ORDP – a CDL Protection Plan and benefits solution offering for both CDL Drivers and Carriers across the country, has announced their partnership with MultiService Fuel Card to provide a closed-loop payment option for truckstop transactions as an additional member benefit.  

 This, the newest benefit offering in ORDP’s impressive lineup, allows carriers the pricing flexibility they need to oversee the movements of their fleets while passing down discounts at the same time, making it even easier for fleets to save money on fuel.  

 “We truly believe that ORDP is a partner for carriers not only in safety and compliance, but by adding value across the organization. We want to provide a product that helps carriers not only grow their fleet, but makes it easier than ever to keep those drivers on the road.” Said Managing Director, Bryan Shannon. Through MultiService Fuel Card, carriers can sign up for a dedicated line of credit that their drivers can use at truck stops nationwide, ensuring their drivers have access to fuel and amenities no matter where they are.  

 And unlike the pre-paid model where the carrier ties up working capital and assumes the risk, ORDP + MS Fuel Card’s offering extends risk-free credit to carriers, making it a much more accessible option for fleets looking to streamline their operations. Of the partnership, Bryan Shannon added, “We focus on the growth of the carriers we serve, and we’re really excited that our new future with MultiService Fuel Card allows us to do just that.” 



About MultiService Fuel Card 

Founded in 1978 by a former trucker and fleet manager who realized that there was a better way to pay for over-the-road fuel. MS Fuel Card’s network now extends to thousands of locations nationwide, our services and programs aggressively protect your bottom line, and we’re a proud partner to some of the biggest regional and national fleets across the country. 

 About ORDP  

For more than 30 years, CDL drivers have relied on ORDP to match them with qualified attorneys in the event of a citation. Our nationwide network of attorneys is able to dismiss or reduce 92% of CDL tickets issued to our drivers. Already have a ticket? ORDP has you covered. Our benefits don’t end with your court date; visit protectmycdl.com to learn more about our driver benefits. 

 Carriers rely on ORDP for outsourcing time-consuming administrative tasks related to handling driver tickets, DataQ Challenges to help reverse the effects of dings to your CSA Score due to citations incurred by your fleet, and a host of free trucking benefits to nest within your own benefits program. Learn more about ORDP’s Carrier offering here