Bonding Service

Bonding Service

Sometimes bad things happen. When they do, Open Road Drivers Plan® has you covered.

After Hours Bonding Service

Call 1-800-848-3060, press ”1”, and ask for our bonding service.

Police Bail Bond

We hope that you are never involved in a serious accident where someone is injured, but if you are, give us a call. As an Open Road Drivers Plan® member you have access to a $10,000 police bail bond, so if you’re ever incarcerated, we’ll get you out. Same goes for your spouse. Your coverage for police bail bonds and cash appearance bonds extends to them too.

For accident bond coverage, Open Road Drivers Plan® will provide bond coverage up to $10,000 for members arrested for moving violations.

Appearance Bond

Should you be detained at a weigh station, roadside inspection or in a similar situation and unable to leave until an appearance bond is posted, give us a call. We’ll get it taken care of and get you back on the road in no time. Even if it’s your spouse, give us a call and we’ll get them out of there too!

The Open Road Drivers Plan® will provide bond services up to $1,000 to cover your first appearance after a traffic violation.

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