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Straightforward, Uncomplicated Protection

Life’s crazy enough without worrying about tickets. Open Road Drivers Plan® simplifies a sometimes complicated process. We offer peace of mind when it comes to your tickets

You are more likely to get traffic tickets

The average non-professional driver receives about two citations every 10 years. For a truck driver, that number jumps dramatically.

Think about it –
The average daily commute for a four-wheeler is about 30 minutes. That’s about an hour of travel time to and from work, when tickets can be received. For an over-the-road professional driver- the number of miles traveled daily can easily exceed 500 miles.

When you take into consideration the challenges you face daily, you’re a moving target for law enforcement.

Basic Process of How CDL Legal Protection Works

Sign Up…

directly or through a carrier

Call Us…

when you get a citation

CDL Attorney…

is assigned to your case

Court Date…

is set, the attorney appears for you

Legal Fees…

for your attorney are covered by ORDP

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