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Hi. We’re ORDP. We connect attorneys like you with CDL Drivers who have received a ticket in your area. No more bending backwards to acquire a client. New client leads at your fingertips.

How It Works:

We match attorneys with CDL Drivers who have received a ticket.

Step 1: Become a member of ORDP’s Attorney Network

Step 2: Receive alerts of cases in your area

Step 3: Take the case – that’s it!


Success Rate

With a 92% success rate, our attorney network is gaining national attention. Become a part of our nation-wide attorney network and support our 13,000+ drivers in the event of a citation.

Become a Member of the Most Trusted Attorney Network in the Industry

A membership that works for you, not against you.

+ 30 Years of Success in Ticket Resolution for CDL Drivers

+ 100% of client citations challenged

+ Our Attorney Network spans across the continental US and Canada

+ Support our network of 13,000+ CDL Drivers and Carriers in the event of a ticket 

Our Premium Network

Become a member of an exclusive league of attorneys across the country that have decided to take the hassle out of client acquisition.

No lost time, no headache, no chasing leads. ORDP provides a new revenue stream that simply didn’t exist yesterday.